Outdoor Sauna Kits

These saunas are built with Triple wall construction, Rigid insulation dual foil faced. Allen wrench cam-locks ensure a fast assemble of walls. Door is Cedar with dual glazed insulated glass. Conduits pre run in walls for easy connection on site. Benches are pre-fit to each sauna and all components are fitted prior to packing for shipment. Can either be ordered with rough sawn plywood exterior or all cedar t&g exterior, other options are available and partial cedar exteriors with plywood exteriors also available.

Supply your own roof or add one of the roof options here, Cedar Shingle roof, Asphalt Shingle roof, Flat Metal roof or Custom Copper roof.


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Model/ size       Benches           Heater

  • NEO-4×6          2 benches            ND6

  • NEO-4×7          2 benches            ND6

  • NEO-6×6         3 benches            ND6

  • NEO-5×7          3 benches            ND8

  • NEO-6×7          3 benches            ND8

  • NEO-6×8         4 benches             ND8

  • NEO-7×7          4 benches             ND8

  • NEO-8×8         4 benches             NC10

  • NEO-8×10       4 benches             NC12

  • NEO-7×10       4 benches             NC10

5 sided Corner Models

Model/ size        Benches          Heater

  • NOC-5×5          2 benches            ND6

  • NOC-6×6          2 benches            ND6


  • Audio Blue tooth dock with speakers

  • Nottingham Skirts and Back Rails

  • Audio iPod dock with speakers

  • Slate wall behind sauna heater 24”

  • Slate wall behind sauna heater 30”

  • Upgrade accessories to Signature pkg.

  • Serenity bench on 7’ wall inside (79-¼”)

  • Serenity bench on 8’ wall inside ( 91-¼”)

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