Sauna FAQ

Traditional Sauna FAQ

How Does a Sauna Differ from Other Baths?

A Sauna is an insulated room built of softwood such as cedar or aspen. A heater which is capable of heating the room to about 180 ° F using stones will produce a light steam when a ladle full of water is poured over them. A Sauna is relatively dry at about 20-25% average. A steam bath would be 100% humidity.


Is Water Necessary in a Sauna?

The bather can regulate his own humidity to create a more relaxing atmosphere and to aid perspiration and deep cleansing of the pores. One or two ladles of water are poured over the hot stones as often as desired.  

Where Can a Sauna Be Installed?

Anywhere that space permits. Popular locations are in an exercise area, master bathroom, near a shower, basement, garage, patio, or by a pool.

What is the Ideal Size for a Home Sauna?

A Sauna can be as small as 3′ x 4′, though the sauna should be as long as the height of the tallest person in the family to allow for reclining. A 4′ x 6′ space or up to a 6′ x 8’’ space would be ideal for most home Saunas.

How High Should the Ceiling Be?

The ceiling height should be no higher than 7 feet, as it is important to bring the heat down to where the bathers can use it at a bench level. It is also more economical to heat, and the sauna will heat faster.

Should I Install a Pre-Cut or Pre-Built Sauna?

In a new home the owner, builder or architect can design the space for a pre-cut sauna package. The Sauna space can be framed and insulated, and the hard surfaced waterproof floor can be provided. The pre-cut package can then be ordered and the wall and ceiling boards, assembled benches, pre-hung door and other items can be installed by a builder, handyman, or homeowner. In an existing home, a pre-built Sauna can be placed in any available open area with a waterproof floor. A Pre-built Sauna is easy to assemble and install and it can be moved to another location later if necessary.

What are the Electrical Requirements?

Most Saunas require 220/240v power with a hard wire connection to a separate 30 or 40 amp breaker in the electrical panel. In some instances a small sauna can be plugged into a 110/120v outlet, as long as there is a #12 wire behind the plug.

Is the Sauna Expensive to Operate?

No. For example, if your electrical rates are 5 cents per kilowatt hour, it will only cost 30 cents to operate a 6 kW heater per hour.

Nordic Infrared Sauna FAQ

Why Wood So Important in Sauna Building:

Sauna is a heat-generating product and because of this nature, selecting the right wood is very important in building a sauna. If cheap wood is used, it may bend or deteriorate in the future.

We use only center cut Canadian Western Red Cedar wood inside & out of the unit for unmatched beauty & durability. Canadian Western Red Cedar is considered the best wood to build a sauna because of its uniform and fine grained texture combined with a palette of warm, mellow tones. It produces natural oil and other extractives that act as preservatives to protect the wood from insect attacks and decay-causing fungi. Beauty aside, its cellular structure creates interior air spaces that give it an insulation value higher than most woods.

Other manufacturers normally purchase there wood from a lumber dealer. This makes it extremely hard for them to select the best quality center cut wood. At Nordic Sauna, we only select the best center cut because we get our wood straight from the source.

Our Infrared Heaters:

All of our infrared sauna heaters are made by Emerson Electric in the U.S., and are 100% UL-approved. They consist of a ceramic heater core coated with incoloy, a metal alloy effective in high temperature applications. The incoloy coating distributes the heat evenly throughout the heater, ensuring a consistent far infrared wavelength. The heater housing, in conjunction with the heater, maximizes far infrared generation towards the front of the sauna while minimizing any energy loss through the back of the sauna. Our heaters are specially designed to evenly distribute far infrared rays & to have an almost infinite lifetime. The large reflecting panels placed behind the heaters are designed to reflect the specific far infrared wavelengths emitted from our heaters for maximum results. Also, thanks to their robust structure while providing the optimum far infrared ray, our heaters have the life expectancy of 15+ years compared to that of 2 to 3 years in other types of heaters. Our new M-Type heaters are proven to emit minimum 6 to 7 microns as wavelength.

Where Can I Place the Sauna?

You can place your sauna wherever you want. You can even place your sauna outside with the purchase of an optional cover. Please see owner’s manual for safety instructions when you want to place your sauna outside.

How Much Electricity Do Your Saunas Consume?

Nordic Sauna Infrared sauna units are designed to heat the entire room up to 170 º F within a short amount of time while consuming the least electricity. Our 120V models consume 1660W to 2150W, which is almost the same as a hair dryer. On average, your monthly electricity bill would go up by less than $5 if you have a 30-min session several times a week.


Nordic Sauna warrants the Infrared Sauna to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.

Heaters: 10 YEAR
Workmanship:10 YEAR
Electrical Components:10 YEAR
CD Player: 1 Year


1 Year Warranty Nordic Sauna warrants the Sauna to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.


Heaters: 5 YEAR
Workmanship: 1 YEAR
Electrical Components: 1 YEAR
Bluetooth: 2 YEARS

Terms & Conditions

This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser of the sauna and terminates upon transfer of ownership. It does not extend to commercial or institutional use or installation. The sauna must be purchased and installed in the United States within 1 year of manufactured date.

Freight charges to and from the customer are the responsibility of the customer. This includes freight charges for parts shipped to enable the services of your sauna.

This warranty is void if the sauna has been subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse, accident, natural disaster or non-factory authorized modification or repair.

This warranty is also void if the sauna has been operated or maintenanced in deviation to the published instructions.

The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner. This warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear due to usage.

This warranty also does not cover any damages caused by natural weather conditions even when the sauna is covered with the factory authorized outside cover. Broken glass and light bulbs, whatever the cause, are not covered by this warranty.

Nordic Sauna shall not be liable for the loss of use of the sauna or other incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall Nordic Sauna or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any person or damages to any properties. Some states allow limitations on how long specified warranty lasts. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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