Terms and Conditions


Prices: Prices in the current price book are subject to change without notice and supersede all previous price books, list, and quotations. All orders accepted are subject to prices in effect on the date the order is received. Possessions of this book should not be construed as an offer to sell the products herein at the prices stated. Price does not include installation, freight or taxes. All prices are shown in US dollars.


Order Acceptance: Acceptance of any order is subject to the terms and conditions, contained in the buyer's purchase order, shipping release or elsewhere inconsistent or in difference to the terms and conditions herein shall be binding upon Nordic unless specifically agreed in writing by Nordic.


Taxes: Prices are exclusive of any taxes. Buyer agrees to pay any applicable taxes, duty surcharges, fees or similar charges however imposed. A current resale tax exempt certificate must be filed with Nordic, or applicable taxes shall be added to the price and terms contained.


Freight Policies: All shipments are F.O.B. factory or distribution center and policies apply to all shipments within the continental United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and export. Nordic reserves the right to choose transportation carriers and shipping location based on the lowest rate medium of transfer. Buyer may request specific carrier on orders shipping freight collect.


Damage in Transit: Buyer should carefully inspect upon delivery to insure product is damage free. Any damages should be noted on the original bill of lading. The Buyer must contact the carrier to file a damage claim within ten (10) days of receipt. It is recommended the Buyer hold an Damaged packaging until carrier's representative responds to Buyer's claim.


Return Goods: Approved written authorization is required from Nordic's Customer Service Department to return any products. All products returned without approved written authorization will be refused. Products authorized for return must be returned in their original packaging and in otherwise stable condition. A 15% restocking charge will be applied, along with any additional cost necessary to bring the product to stable condition. All credit will be issued in the form of a merchandise credit. Products that are damaged or not in otherwise salable condition. All credits will be issued in the form of a merchandise credit. Products that are damaged or not in otherwise salable condition, special order, parts of an inventory adjustment, phased out or discontinued items are not eligible for return or credit. Buyer is responsible for inbound and outbound freight and freight damage.


Warranty: All products are covered by the manufactures Limited warranties, no exceptions.

Partial Shipment: Unless otherwise specified, Nordic may make partial shipments and each shipment shall be deemed a separate sale. Buyer shall accept and pay for shipment regardless of any prior or subsequent failure to deliver any other shipment.


Order Changes: Only when Nordic's Customer Service Department receives a written request via fax or email with any changes, cancellations, deletions or additions to orders be initiated. If an order has reached the shipping department, no charges can be made.


Shipping Weights & Dimensions: Approximate shipping weights and dimensions are shown for Buyer's convenience and are not guaranteed.


Shortage or Variance: Any shortages or variances from the packing list must be noted on the original bill of lading. For proper claim procedure to follow, Buyer should fax the bill of lading copy immediately to the Nordic Customer Service Department. No Claims will be considered unless received within five (5) days of delivery. 


Limitation of Liability: Our liability for any and all claims of any kind, including negligence, for any loss or damage arising out of, connected or resulting from performance or breach of terms hereof shall, in the aggregate, not exceed the purchase price of the particular product. In no event shall we be liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from or arising out of performance of or failure to perform its obligations hereunder, whether or not we been advised of, knew, or should have known of the possibility of such damages.


Serverability: If any portion or provision of these terms applicable to any situation or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of these terms or the remainder of such provision (as the case may be) and the application thereof to other situations or circumstances, shall not be affected thereby.


Waiver: Waiver of any breach of these provisions shall not be construed as a waiver of any other breach.


Assignment: None of the Buyer's rights under these terms shall be assigned or otherwise transferred by the Buyer to any other person, whether by operation of law or otherwise without seller's written approval.


Entirety of Agreement: These terms are intended as a complete and exclusive statement of terms and conditions of this agreement. No other terms and conditions, whether contained in Buyer's purchase order, shipping release or elsewhere that are inconsistent with, additional to, different from the terms and conditions herein shall be binding upon, unless specifically agreed to in Writing.


Assent: Receipt by Buyer or acceptance of the order or receipt of the products without prompt objection to the terms and conditions herein set forth, constitutes acceptance by Buyer of these terms and conditions.