Traditional wood burning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience. The incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire… even the ritual of tending the fire. It is a heritage sauna enthusiasts have treasured for thousands of years. Captured and reinterpreted for modern living in today’s wood burning sauna heaters.

16K Basic        

  • Heating Range
    212/565 cu. ft.  

  • 16″Wx 19”x29″

  • Includes 100lbs of rocks

20SL EX/Feed

  • Heating Range
    282/706 cu.ft.   

  • 16″x 21″x39″H

  • Includes 150lbs of rocks


  • Heating Range
    282/706 cu.ft.

  • 19 ¼”x 20″x 30 ¾”

  • 100lbs of rock


  • Heating Range
    282/706 cu.ft.

  • 25 ¼”x 20″x 30 ¾”

  • includes 100lbs of rocks

Karhu 27VO

  • Heating Range
    530/850 cu.ft.

  • 25 ¾”x 19″x 36 ¼”

  • Includes 130lbs of rocks

Karhu 27VO

  • Heating Range
    425/988 cu.ft.

  • 19″x 21″x 37″

  • Includes 200lbs of rocks


  • Heating Range

  • 800/1800

  • 19 ½”x 28″x 55″

  • Includes 300lbs of rocks

Steel Flue 24 Kit

  • One 200 mm insulated damper section and One 200 mm flue section (inner diameter of the pipe is 150 mm)

  • Protective ring

  • 130 mm non-insulated, stainless steel connection pipe (inner diameter 150 mm)

  • Fastening ring

  • Feed through flange 0–22°

  • Vapor barrier flange 0–22° and vapor barrier tape

  • Feed through insulation 200 mm

  • Feed through cover, height 400 mm

  • Carrier ring of the flue with perforated band

  • Support of the base

  • Rubber sealing of the roof

  • Rainfall cover of the flue

  • See Brochure 

*Chimney Enlarger included with each Sauna Stove

Optional glass door for Model 16K available by special order

Kastor Wood burning Sauna Heaters Feature:


  • No electricity needed – perfect for cabins or remote locations

  • Outer shield finished in heat resistant paint and stainless steel (KS models) looks great and contributes to softer heat

  • Large rock capacity means soft heat/steam

  • Patented ‘Coanda’ air ventilation system for long steel life and quick efficient heating time (KS models)

  • Removable ash pan

  • Interior or exterior feed options

  • Chimney outlet out the top or back

  • Optional enclosed water tank on certain models

  • For saunas from 212 cu. ft. to 1800 cu. ft.

  • Quality construction: heavy duty steel interior

  • Made by Kastor in Finland


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